Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the $299?

Our starter package includes:
Website Development
Setup configuration
Domain Acquisition
3x change requests

What's not included in the $299?

Ongoing hosting, server and website management fees.
Clients can choose to arrange their own hosting, or use our hassle free hosting plan for $15 per month (billed annually)

Why can't I just use LinkedIn for my professional profile?

The Microsoft owned LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to stay in touch with your professional network. On your profile, it captures your work experience, your education as well as your connections. It is structured and standardised. By contrast, a personal brand website from Resumoi is more like a tailored suit. You design it from scratch, choose the fabric, the colours. The best thing about a Resumoi is that you own and control it forever and you will develop it over time to suit your changing circumstances. Unlike the big platforms, you don't have shareholders to please with advertising revenue ...

How about my privacy?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.